Today, we’d like to talk about the history of connectors. But first, let’s define the term connectors. In the simplest sense, they are electro-mechanical devices that join electrical circuits.

But this was not their original purpose, No, the original purpose of connectors was to connect wires and circuits that were created by electricians and engineers. In the beginning, they were primarily made by electricians and were as simple as a couple of lengths of wire connected together. So nothing fancy!

Over time, connector manufacturing has turned out to be quite an industry. Many connector manufacturers specialize in meeting the needs of unique applications, supplying things like d-sub or hermetic connectors. As the needs of the electricians and engineers working in the field have increased and diversified, so have the connector manufacturers’ output to meet those needs.


Many companies manufacture connectors today. Some, like Positronic, are global manufacturers of high reliability electronic connectors that also make build-to-print cable assemblies for use in a variety of industries – such as space, military, aerospace, medical, industrial, and rail (among others).

In addition, some computer companies make connectors, such as Apple, that connect different devices together. Some smaller manufacturers specialize in things like power connectors, telecom connectors, USB connectors, and more.

But the metal enclosure powder coating companies that sell the most connectors typically are the types of companies that manufacture and market computing devices that require proprietary connector devices. As example of this would be Apple and their Macbook. One must have their proprietary charger to make a Macbook work and recharge. For this reason, companies like Apple, HP, and Dell are now the largest connector suppliers in the world.